Our Mission

SCAV.net serves the survival gaming community by providing a variety of games managed by a trustworthy and professional team. We provide an ecosystem that individuals or other gaming organizations can build upon. In addition to servers, SCAV.net has a social media and content creation arm which captures the spirit of our playerbase for the Internet to enjoy.

Led by Gunsway, he uses a decade of AAA experience to spearhead the endeavor. Our team is composed of like minded individuals bringing unique experience to the table, including community management, game expertise, and web development.

Each game SCAV.net onboards to the platform is backed by a team dedicated to the game’s success. This team includes game subject matter experts, community builders, mods, and server managers. This team’s primary objective is to provide the best gaming experience for our players.

Our players are open to join the SCAV.net community through our Discord which is cleanly partitioned to focus on the games they’re uniquely interested in playing. Like our servers, the Discord is managed by a team whose mission is to provide an open forum for our players to communicate.

Our Team



Gunsway by day is a cyber security manager for a AAA company with a background in development and service engineer. He brings 10 years of industry experience and 5 years of military service to SCAV.net where he leads a talented management team. Outside of work and building SCAV.net, Gunsway runs the “SCAVHOUSE”, a Twitch channel set in a digital night club. He primarily plays Escape From Tarkov.


Content Creator

Oxfurd, Streamer / podcaster. I been streaming for almost 4 years. I enjoy MMOS and Survival type games mostly , As of late I have found myself enjoying Rougelites. My content is basic but I give it my all. The Podcast has been a ton of fun as of late due to my being able to interview and talk with content creators. As for more of myself I am a father of 2 grown ass kids who I love. Most days. Wife now we don’t have time for all that just know Married , Happy and never enough time to give her. All that said Gaming has been in my life since MUDS/MOOs and of course D&D but UO set it off. The addiction is real and I am ok with this. As of late I found 3D printing and painting so this is a problem. That’s me in a nutshell. Hope to meet some of you.


Content Creator

FlyingSheeps is a gamer with the desire to make a living creating and producing video game content. He enjoys playing betas and other games which are still works in progress. You can catch Flyingsheeps doing Roleplay on SCUM, trying not to die in Escape From Tarkov, and occasionally making sure people know he is the best at Halo. When he’s not gaming, Sheeps spends his time with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. FlyingSheeps leads the SCAV.net SCUM community and is the primary video producer.


Content Creator

Ever meet that one guy who was too stubborn to give up on an idea? That’s 1ArmKing. After losing his left forearm in a football accident, he decided nothing was going to stop him from enjoying what he loved. Loud, passionate, and unafraid to speak up, AK (as he’s known within SCAV) is your go-to resource for Escape From Tarkov (EFT). He is also an Airsoft enthusiast with connections all over the northeast. 1ArmKing leads the SCAV.net EFT so find him on Discord and jump into a raid.


Content Creator

Arrican – The Dirty Uncle of Twitch – If you think it’s not an innuendo, boy are you wrong. Also a huge proponent of mental health awareness, acceptability, and accountability (and apparently alliteration). Mostly playing survival stuff, 7 days to die being my main vice, though I have delved into SCUM, Zomboid, Rimworld, and various other games.


Server Manager

Longmire: Also known as: BangFist, Branscum, RedRuM Drinker, Destroyer of Worlds, and Make-you-think-twice-about-PvP. Be it FPS or TPS, Longmire excels in combat requiring twitch like reflexes, especially in brutal survival and siege simulators. Mirroring his gaming experience, Longmire spent 15 years as a battlefield tactician. Over his career he conducted 4 combat deployments backed by 12 years of training. Today he’s a civilian entrepreneur. Longmire manages the SCAV.net server fleet, ensuring our gaming experience is second to none.


Advisor / Web Designer

Zanwik is a Web Designer / SEO with over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing space. He is very fluent in the Print On Demand apparel industry with both design, market research, and PPC advertising. He started gaming back in 1994 on a NES and has been addicted to that nostalgic “16-bit” feeling ever since. When he is not working on his various side hustles, he enjoys playing games such as No Man’s Sky, Terraria, MineCraft, any five dollar 16-bit steam game and whichever MMO is the flavor of the month.