Marauders – A Tarkov-like Persistent Shooter

Marauders – A Tarkov-like Persistent Shooter

On March 23rd, developer Small Impact Games in partnership with Team17 announced a new Escape From Tarkov-like persistent shooter called Marauders. You can check out the official announcement page here, but we’ll cover the details for you below.

A basic pirate ship

You play as a pirate piloting your own upgradable ship through space (similar to Tarkov’s hideout). Team17 promises multiple upgrade options, such as weaponry, or building a new ship from scratch. But what sort of pirate builds a ship? That’s right, you’ll be able to seize the ships from other players as well.

Approaching your next victim

As in any great modern FPS game, you’ll be able to play with up to 3 other players (total party size of 4) and take on bigger, badder, more equipped battleships and space stations. In the Marauder’s universe, weapon technology didn’t progress much further after World War II, so expect to find your favorite guns and modifications of the 30’s and 40’s.

A motley crew of space pirates

Looting seems familiar: approach containers, pay respects, and collect the goods. Inventory management like-wise is nothing new. Considering the game is still in alpha, I suspect the overall aesthetic of the system to be overhauled before release.

Marauders doesn’t do much with inventory management

Drawing yet another parallel to Escape From Tarkov, Marauders maintains a very simple UI. Do not expect to find any HUD-assisting reticles other than those available on your weapon. This may intimidate casual gamers, but trust me; you’ll get use to it.

No red dots here

As for a release date, the team behind Marauders is expecting early access later this year. Given some of the game play available on YouTube, that’s looking likely. Check out this great video by Punish to get a great sense of what’s in store for Marauders.

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