Finally, a Survival Gaming Community Done Right

Finally, a Survival Gaming Community Done Right

Allow me to be the first to introduce you to We are a team of survival gaming and persistent shooter enthusiasts who came together to build an ecosystem for our friends and fellow gamers.

What do I mean by ecosystem? Till now, my friends and I would drift from server to server within the games we enjoyed, forced to move for a myriad of reasons. Server quality would drop, hackers would take over, bad eggs would poison the server’s social interactivity, or the server owners would randomly wipe the map.

Tired of having to relocate, we decided to manage our own servers with the professionalism we always sought. The result is a platform managed by a leadership team, a crew dedicated to server maintenance, and each game we onboard is lead by a corresponding expert. Additionally, we have a social media and content creation arm staffed by passionate gamers.

And reader, we built this gaming platform for you and everyone interested in playing survival games. Join us get involved in the community. We’re looking for feedback, so let us know how we’re doing.

What can you expect from us? is more than a collection of servers, we’re serious about gaming. We’re hard at work developing YouTube content, original work covering the survival genre. You’ll find our Twitch team live every day. Additionally we have writers putting together articles covering the latest news from the games supports.

Are you interested in being apart of the team? Head over to the recruiting page and take a look, we’re always growing our core staff as well as our dedicated community.

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